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The deer of Bene Lario

Another feature of the area is the presence, in the area adjacent to the forest, of a large enclosure containing a young deer. The fawn had been found by people who believed it to be in danger and collected it and handed it over to the authorities.

In reality the baby was just waiting for his mother. During the first weeks of life the cervids are unable to follow the mother who approaches them only for breastfeeding and goes away at the first danger signal. For this reason the little ones having only as a defense against predators the camouflage and the almost lack of smell remain hidden in the woods or in the meadows.

Contact with humans can be fatal for puppies as contaminated by their smell they will be deprived of an important means of defense. Moreover this process alarms the mother who, out of fear of man, does not return to the hiding place to feed the baby abandoning it.

If you meet in the woods fawns or young roes do not touch or bother them in this way you will save their life.

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