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Route Map & Geostops

Visiting the Geosite is easy thanks to an 8 km trail articulated on easily passable paths also
represented by a wide cycle path and a mule track.

Along the way the visitor will meet different points of interest called “geostops” with the explanation of the natural characteristics of the observed area.

At the beginning of the itinerary there is an equipped area with parking, information point and a public water distributor. Visitors will also find several picnic areas along the way.

​The geographic framework of the Geosite, the Geostops and the pathways are shown in
the following map also available along the itinerary.

On the route visitors can find 8 Geostops - points of interest with instructional explanatory panels - following a tourist route of 8 km that connects the Geosite to the Lake Piano Nature Reserve.

Each Geostop addresses a theme that is directly visible on the site.

Here are the topics in the various stops:

• Geostop 1: "Stratigraphy along the creek Civagno" and " The fossils of the creek
• Geostop 2: "Civagno's waterfall and geomorphologic evidences"
• Geostop 3a: "The Zorzino Limestone: geology"
• Geostop 3b: "The Zorzino Limestone: paleontology"
• Geostop 4: "The Lake of Piano and the Menaggio Valley"
• Geostop 5: "The bumps of the Lake of Piano"
• Geostop 6: "The bed of the creek Civagno: calcareus cobbles"
• Geostop 7: "The Massiccio dei Monti di Tremezzo: stratigraphy between Triassic and Jurassic"

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